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Young & Strong Program Helps To Educate and Inspire Young Athlete's

Do You Want Your Child To Be Happy, Healthy and Strong? Then The Young & Strong Program Is For Them.....


As a youth strength & conditioning coach I am aware that the younger generation need support. Whether your child plays sport regularly or not, I am still seeing a huge problem.....


Not enough young people receive proper athletic development coaching to help them master fundamental movement pattern, build strength, flexibility and long-term habits. 


Playing sport puts the body under significant load, and if the young athlete hasn't done any physical training to help prepare it to cope with such loads then INJURY is INEVITABLE.


Also a lot of parents understand the struggle to motivate their child to exercise and not spend time on consoles. The goal of the program is to inspire young people to want to be healthy, happy and strong. 


My name is Nathan Bell and I had a passion for playing football. Up to the age of about 18 I used to play and train at least five times a week if not more. I started off as a fairly average player, I was overweight and lacked fitness and speed. But when I reached secondary school a change took place....


I started going to the gym and one of the football clubs I was with at the time started integrating some physical training with a proper coach. It wasn't easy, but I grew to love it! I was putting in a lot of effort and I saw the change. I went from being one of the slowest out of all my friends in primary school, to one of the fastest and most athletic in the year. But there was another big change that took place, one that was less noticeable to others....




I went from being extremely self-conscious and lacking in self-belief to expecting myself to do well. I started to see what could be achieved with hard work, and I loved the outcome. Here is a picture of me playing for the Reservist Army National Team when studying at University. 


My mission now is to inspire the younger generation to reach their potential and educate them on how to train properly, not just for now.......but for LIFE. 

Research has indicated that various forms of resistance training can elicit significant performance improvements in muscular strength, power production, running velocity, change-of-direction speed, and general motor performance, in youth. From a health perspective, evidence suggests that resistance training can make positive alterations in overall body composition, reduce abdominal and trunk fat, improve insulin sensitivity in overweight adolescents, and enhance cardiac function in obese children.


  • Strength: Bodyweight strength is essential to preventing injury. Lots of sports require the body to absorb forces up to 5 times bodyweight. Think about basketball or football as examples, when a player is jumping up and landing on a single leg, that is a huge amount of force the muscles need to be able to cope with. 

  • ​Movement Mechanics: Learning how to jump and land effectively, learning how to squat, accelerate and sprint properly. All of these are key to sport and life, but often we are never taught how to do them.

  • ​Core Strength: The trunk muscles (lower back, glutes, abdominals, obliques) are vital for almost every sporting movement and preventing injury. Unfortunately, core strength is poor in many young athletes, and this can be a key reason for their injuries. 

  • ​Flexibility: Muscle elasticity and joint range of motion aren't just important for optimising sports performance, but it also prevents injuries occurring later on in life. Many young athletes spend too much time at a high-intensity without spending time inadequate flexibility work. 

  • ​Life-Skills: Another key component of the program is developing key life-skills such as developing healthy eating habits, learning how to set goals effectively and taking ownership for your own success. 

The Young & Strong program is an online coaching program that combines strength and conditioning, life skills and nutrition to give every young individual the chance of success in life, whether their goal is to be a professional athlete or simply to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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