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17 Bear Crawl Variations to Build a Super Strong Core

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Want to build a strong functional physique? The bear crawl is one of my favourite stability exercises. The movement engages the shoulder and hip complexes and teaches us how to engage our trunk musculature.

The bear crawl a simple but brutally effective way to improve core strength and work a variety of muscles all over the body, with the upper arms, chest and shoulders bearing the brunt of the action.

It’s also a move you can do anywhere, as it needs nothing more than some floor space and a healthy dose of willpower. The bear necessities, in short.

The bear crawl can easily be progressed when you begin to become an expert. Here are 17 of my favourite bear crawl variations!

I usually begin my client with just holding a bear crawl position for 20-30s to help them understand positioning. Once they are comfortable with this I will slowly begin moving them along the ladder.

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