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Our boxing classes are perfect for you if you would like to learn the fundamentals of boxing in a fun and friendly environment. Unlike other gyms where they pack in as many people as possible with little attention to coaching, we focus on providing a high quality service and ensure every individual is getting the attention that they need. 

Our sessions will always start with a warm up to get the body moving, helping to get the mind in the right state for exercise. We also focus on improving quality of movement and flexibility, using different games and footwork drills in the warm up to help your overall boxing skill and help to build a positive atmosphere in the class. 

Once the body and mind is ready to go we will get the gloves on and usually go through the fundamentals on the bags or in partners before going on to the main focus of the session, learning some new combinations that will test you both physically and mentally. 

  • Start at any level of fitness and improve flexibility, strength and overall conditioning. 

  • Learn basic techniques of punching, kicking and blocking. You will progress into sparring and there are many opportunities to compete in points fighting or even full contact

  • Relieve stress and increase your self confidence and positivity

  • We put a great emphasis on safety, discipline and the building of confidence

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  • Suitable for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of boxing and go from zero to hero. 
  • Suitable for those who have been boxing already and want to take their performance to the next level. 
  • Course can be tailored for any age group from Juniors (14-18) to adults 18+, the main requirement we ask for is complete commitment and dedication from you. We can guarantee you get results if you are willing to follow the advice and training we provide. 
  • You are ready for a new challenge, to let go of your self-limitations and see what you can truly achieve. 

  • The course is designed to take you to the next level both physically and mentally, making you think, feel and move like a boxer. 
  • We combine our knowledge of strength and conditioning, nutrition and mindset with technical boxing coaching to provide the ultimate package. 

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“Working with Nathan taught me how to use increase my punching power and develop technique for throwing the fundamental punches. He is a passionate and knowledgeable coach"

Jack Holdbrook 

3rd Dan Black Belt Karate


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