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  • I started out as a chubby little kid who couldn’t stop eating junk food and would get called names. Whilst I didn’t get bullied, I was very subconscious because of this. I didn’t enjoy being overweight and was jealous of my friends who were all more athletic than me.

  • It got to the point where I decided enough was enough, I wanted to be healthy, fit and strong. I loved football and wanted to become a professional athlete (I guess that was my dream), so I started going to the gym three times a week. At this point I knew very little about training, just that I wanted to get my weight off and lose my man boobs.

  • The hustle began, I would go straight from school to the gym and spend an hour on the treadmill, gradually watching the weight start falling off. Before long I had lost a lot of my excess weight and was becoming one of the fittest in my school. I enjoyed the challenge of going to the gym and pushing myself mentally to see what I was capable of achieving. 

  • I have always enjoyed competing in sport, and as such my bodybuilding style of training that almost every young guy that goes to gym starts off with was quickly replaced with a more athletic approach to training, building a body that is designed to move and be pain-free. 

  • As much as I enjoy training in the gym and the benefits it has, my philosophy is about using your fitness in the real world, whether that be in a sport, or taking on new challenges. 

  • My most life-changing experience came shortly after graduating from University when two friends and myself set off on an 8,000 mile cycle covering the length of South America. This was a challenge I underestimated and something that tested me more than anything I had ever done before, both physically, mentally and emotionally. 

  • But after facing adversity like never before, we completed our charity expedition and I realised just how much the human body is capable of if we are able to unlock our mind and put ourselves in the right environment. 

  • It is this life-changing experience that makes me want to provide others with a purpose to their health and fitness, my goal is to not only help people achieve a healthy functioning physique, but also take them on changing experiences and help them unlock their true potential.

My name is Nathan Bell and I am the creator of Higher Level Performance. We work with both youth and adults who want to think, feel and move like champion athletes. We take a holistic approach to human health and performance, integrating mindset, movement and nutrition to make your results about a sustainable lifestyle, not a trendy gimmick that will work one day and fail you the next. I work with people who are in it for the long game and who understand that unless they make changes in the way they work and live they will be forever stuck in a painful, slouchy body. They are people who invest in their wellbeing and are committed to their own improvement.

What separates our approach from other Personal Training & Fitness businesses is that we take into account our clients’ lifestyles and how external forces are affecting their lives. Having spent many years working in the fitness industry and coaching a range of different clients from your businessman to your elite athlete, I have identified that without creating a positive mindset towards exercise and working towards a challenging goal, we will never be successful, that is why our programs aren't simply about physical training programs, but more importantly creating positive mental and nutritional habits that will change the way we live. 

At Higher Level Performance we are passionate about not just telling people what to do, but instead educating the world and providing our clients with the knowledge and tools to create long-term success. We also believe that community is an integral part of a happy life, and thus we aim to build a thriving community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to personal self-development and growth, physically and mentally. Life is about new challenges and experiences and that is why we have branched out to offer workshops and retreats in spectacular locations around the world, where you can put your fitness to the test and engage in life-changing experiences. 

I am 100% devoted to helping others realise their potential and live a life of health and happiness. 

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