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Improved posture and core stability

​De-stress your mind and learn to breathe deeply 

Increase bodyweight strength by 20% in just a month 

​Improve sports performance 

​Increased energy and improve mindset daily

Are you a runner, cyclist or athlete of some sort?

Or do you work at a desk all day and find that your body is stiff and aching?

Would you like to build a strong, confident posture?

In our stretch and strengthen classes, you will experience the following:

✅ Increased Flexibility 
✅ Improved Posture
✅ Increased bodyweight strength

If you want some family time, then this can be suitable and effective for all involved)

How advanced are the classes?

- The classes are suitable for a variety of fitness and strength levels

- Each exercise is given progressions and regressions

- Ideally for people who have had some experience doing yoga, pilates and or callisthenics style training. 

How much are classes?

1 Session = £7

10 Sessions = £55

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