My name is Nathan Bell and I am co-founder of Higher Level Performance. I have been coaching people to achieve their fitness goals for the past eight years.

Once upon a time I was an overweight kid with low self-esteem, but I got into physical training and it changed my life. Not only did I become a better athlete going on to represent my county and the Reservist Army national team, but I have also competed in boxing competitions, completed a triathlon and cycled the length of South America.

I believe that most of us never reach our potential because we put shackles on our mind. Too many people put themsevles down and are too scared of failing to even try in the first place. If we can change our mindset and our habits then we can change our life. ​

My mission with HLP is to educate and inspire others to take a step outside their comfort zone and see what can be achieved with the right guidance and coaching.