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My name is Nathan Bell and I am the founder of Higher Level Performance. I have been coaching people to achieve their fitness goals for the past eight years now since graduating from University.


Once upon a time I was an overweight kid with low self-esteem, but I got into physical training and it changed my life. Not only did I become a better athlete going on to represent my county and the Reservist Army national team, but I have also competed in boxing competitions, completed a triathlon and cycled the length of South America.


I believe that most of us never reach our potential because we put shackles on our mind. Too many people put themsevles down and are too scared of failing to even try in the first place. If we can change our mindset and our habits then we can change our life. 

My mission with HLP is to educate and inspire others to take a step outside their comfort zone and see what can be achieved with the right guidance and coaching. Click the box below and fill out an application form and we will be in touch. 



The real reason most people don’t get the best results from their training and nutrition?


They are guessing. There are millions of resources out there, but it makes it even harder to work out what is the right exercise and nutrition program for you.


It is like trying to do the plumbing in your home, you could try and learn on Youtube, but it will take up all your time and you might end up wasting your time with no result or even worse, injuring yourself.

3. Six Week Transformation

Are you ready to transform your body?


Would you like to lose body fat, achieve a lean physique and increase your energy levels?


You are not alone….

4. Young & Strong

A program designed to help young athletes develop physically, socially and emotionally. 

Our goal is to provide young athletes with mentorship to help prevent injury and 

Results 100% guaranteed.

We believe in what we offer. We know that if clients are committed and stick to our guidance then results are inevitable. We are focused on building a quality reputation and brand based on quality and success.



Earlier I asked you a question: If there’s so much information out there about fitness and nutrition, then why are most people still struggling to get the results they want?

After more than 10 years in this industry, I can confidently say the reason most people reliably fail to get the results they desire comes down to one key factor: They don’t have anyone looking out for them, catering to their needs, or keeping them accountable.

Like so many other things in life, there’s a huge difference between:

  1. Trying to figure everything out on your own.

  2. Trusting the wrong sources.

  3. Having a trusted expert guide you every step of the way.

People work with us when they’ve exhausted the first two options and are ready to outsource the details of their health and fitness to experts who truly care—and who know how to deliver impressive, long-lasting results.


Tom W - Review

"Nathan is a great trainer to be with, he helped me set my goals at the start of working together and I have smashed them. 

I have got stronger and more powerful and he is always a pleasure to work with."

Nick M - Review

"I wanted to improve my strength and movement skills as I play football. 

I would recommend Nathan to anyone, he is great at motivating me. Having a program designed allowed me to go to the gym and take out the guessing work of what to do.

I could roll through the program, feel good and track my progress!"

Jack H -3rd Dan Black Belt Karate

I have been involved in Martial Arts for over 15 years, I am now a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate and run my own Karate School. In addition, I practice Judo & Jui-Jujitsu.


Working with Nathan at Higher Level Performance was a fantastic experience, I particularly enjoyed how the program was more than just physical training and incorporated nutrition and mindset training. Nathan knew how to tailor the training to Karate and the individual."

Emma P - National Karate Champion

"Working with Nathan was my first real experience of performance coaching, I really enjoyed learning how to use my body weight and the gym to improve my sporting performance. Nathan shows a true passion for coaching and helping you progress"

100% RISK FREE, 30 DAY

We take our coaching very seriously, which is why we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you work with us for 30 days and feel like online coaching isn’t a good fit, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund for your first month and require no additional payments.

Our entire business is built on getting results for our clients. If you invest in us, then you can be confident that we’ll invest in your success and satisfaction.

Higher Level Performance

At Higher Level Performance we are dedicated to helping every individual who joins our programs to become fit, supple & strong both physically and mentally. At HLP we are more than a training program, we are a community. 

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