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After spending many years using kettlebells to train clients, Nathan set out to design a program that could help people all over the world get fantastic results. Kettlebells are a fantastic tool for building an engine, whilst also creating a lean, athletic physique. 

The Kettlebell Conditioning Program is designed for anyone who wants to improve their overall conditioning and fitness, with proven effective workouts. 


Kettlebells have been around for decades, and as always whilst there are new trends, these tools have lasted the length of time.


With kettlebells we are able to target hundreds of muscles in a few movements, they also allow greater movement than equipment such as barbells. Kettlebells when used correctly are proven to torch calories, test the lungs, build muscle and improve flexibility.


✅ Improve flexibility and movement skills

✅ Develop a lean, athletic physique

✅ Boost aerobic capacity

✅ Workout anywhere, anytime

✅ Safe step-by-step instructions

✅ Learn new skills & techniques

Kettlebell Conditioning Series

£50.00 Regular Price
£37.50Sale Price
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