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Home Today, Tent Tomorrow - Morocco Earthquake Appeal

What a humbling experience it was,

Seeing how an Earthquake can cause so much damage,

To people that have so little already,

Oh, how mother nature can be so savage.

As we drove deeper into the mountains,

The impact was so clear to see,

homes destroyed and families broken,

These are people no different to you and me.

Let’s change the roles for a second,

Take a moment to imagine that it was you that had lost everything you worked for,

All the possessions you love the most,

Now you are happy each day just to be eating a slice of toast.

The winter is coming and your whole family have nothing but a tent,

The temperatures are close to freezing,

And you don’t know when aid is being sent.

You shiver each night as you try to sleep,

Praying for the strength to not accept defeat.

It is too easy for us to live in our Western bubble,

To whinge about our first world problems like not having the latest car or phone,

Instead of being grateful simply to have a home,

To have access to clean water, education, and a warm bed,

We forget to be grateful whilst many around the world are worrying about being fed.

Morocco – a country with so much beauty to offer,

The landscapes, the culture, the sunrises and sunsets,

The magical mountain people I shall never forgets!

It is incredibly sad to see the damage an Earthquake can cause,

But the courage of the Moroccan people we must stand and applause.

Each man and woman doing what they can to help the country recover,

The pain and suffering we shall never discover.

We may not all be in a position to help,

But in reality, most of us can spare a couple of quid,

We can skip a coffee or restaurant meal,

We can love thy neighbour, so they don’t have to steal.

Ten pounds to you might mean a beer or two,

But to a child in Morocco that will go a long way,

Put a shelter over their head and food in their belly for at least one more day."

We are currently raising money to help the people of Morocco with rebuilding their homes and providing shelter and food for their families, you can donate here:

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