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Nutrition Considerations For The Young Athlete

When it comes to getting the right nutrition for the young athlete, we need to consider things that will maximize the sports performance. That means one needs to have excellent musculature and strength, and the stamina of the player needs to be built rightly according to the optimum athletic development, without which, excellent performance is not attainable.

Let’s consider those facts that would help young athletes in optimizing their ways in boosting their performance when it comes to sports.

Lean Protein

The go-to approach for athletes is to go for building muscles so they can perform better at their game. This is possible when they have enough protein in their diet, which is only possible through increasing this macronutrient content in the body. To make sure no unhealthy fats that can cause cardiovascular problems are going with the animal proteins, athletes can choose lean proteins in the form of eggs, chicken, duck, and fish. Organic animal meat is preferred over processed meat as the latter is heavily treated with chemicals known to change their biochemical profiles.

It is recommended for vegan athletes to make tofu, legumes, and beans in the diet as sources of animal protein and use B12 vitamin supplements to make up for the deficiency of the vitamin in the plant sources.

Complex Carbs

Complex carbs include whole grains like cereals and starches that break down slowly in the gut and release glucose at a set phase, so the blood doesn't hit a surge in the glucose levels all of a sudden. The idea is to give the body a steady fuel of carbohydrates necessary for carrying out the functions during heavy and demanding exercises without really getting deprived of energy.

It is recommended for longer workouts to take an electrolyte solution with simple glucose mixed for compensating for the glucose loss from the body. This helps the body against lethargy, muscle ache, and dizziness that comes from strenuous exercises.

Healthy Fats

It is recommended to consume healthy fats that contain omega fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fats fight against the inflammatory processes in the body that help in the muscle recovery process. Also, because of the slow breakdown, combining these fats in moderate amounts in meals slowly breaks down and releases energy hours after digestion, which helps the player perform well in a match.

High Proteins and High Carbs

While a dietary plan is varied from athlete to athlete, high proteins with carbs are generally beneficial in the muscle and stamina building process of young athletes. It is important to remember to combine all food groups to achieve a satisfactory nutrition status, and avoiding any macronutrient would do you no good towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

Final Words

You can take advice from a dietitian and get a personalized plan according to your needs and goals so that you are able to perform even better at your game.

These were some of the nutrition recommendations for every young athlete to consider.

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