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What are The Most Common Injuries Amongst Youth Athletes?

Being a young athlete is all about dedication and strenuous exercise. But too much exertion can lead to unwanted consequences or accidents. We are going to talk about the most common injuries amongst youth athletes. It is a mandatory part of sports coaching to deal with these injuries.

Having an injury in the career of the athlete is very common. But with some authentic information and proper care, unwanted consequences such as injuries in youth athletes can be prevented. Here are the three most common injuries amongst youth athletes:

1. Ankle Injuries

Youth athletes are full of energy and potential. It is very common for a youth athlete to have an ankle injury. The ankles are the athlete's most used body part. The mechanics in running or cycling, or swimming are largely based on the normal functioning of the limbs.

This is especially common if you are a young athlete who runs with passion. It is common to go through several ankle injuries like a twisted or sprained ankle. Therefore it is wise for youth athletes to be careful in their sports.

A common heel injury seen in youth athletes is Sever's disease. It is a painful inflammatory condition in which the tendon of the heel is pulled to the bone of the heel.

2. Knee Injuries

It is usual for youth athletes to have knee injuries. The legs are used mostly in sports. That is why during sport coaching practices. You get to see a lot of knee or ankle injuries.

Twisted knees, sprained knees, or injuries of the knee cap are usual on the playground. But these injuries are painful and can cause potential damage. Therefore it is essential to be careful.

Osgood-Schalter disease is the inflammation of the kneecap ligament or patellar ligament. The inflammation occurs at the region of the tibial bone tuberosity.

Inflammation of the patellar ligament in youth athletes is usual. The wrong tackling techniques used by the athlete can lead to complicated knee injuries.

3. Wrist and Elbow Injuries

The limbs are the most used part of the life of an athlete. Therefore, it is common to come across injuries related to legs or arms. After the ankle and knee injuries, wrist and elbow injuries are most common.

A twisted or sprained wrist can be seen in sports like handball or volleyball. The joints in the wrist are similar to the joint in the ankle. They are compound and made up of several small bones joined together by ligaments and tendons.

Elbow injuries are also common in youth athletes. You can observe some other injuries in youth athletes. Hip displacement or spinal injuries are some other injuries common in youth athletes.

Final Word

We talked about the most common injuries amongst youth athletes and which body parts of the athlete are easily prone to these injuries. Being a young athlete is a game of passion and energy. But it is necessary to take care of one’s health and body. Lots of injuries to young athletes could be prevented with a quality strength and conditioning programme. If you would like to learn more about S&C coaching for your athlete(s) then please get in touch and book a free 15min consultation call:


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