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What is Online Fitness Coaching (Pro's & Con's)

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

In recent years online fitness coaching has become more and more popular. Many personal trainers and fitness professionals have seen the opportunity to expand their client base and work with clients not just in their local area. But what is online fitness coaching and how does it work?

Online fitness coaching can be delivered in many ways depending on the individual or business you are working with. However online fitness coaching is the same as in-person training in many ways. It will usually involve working with a fitness coach to build an exercise program that is tailored to your goals.

Different options available:

  1. Buying a pre-set program or training course

  2. Buying online group training (being part of a small group of like-minded clients who want similar results from their training)

  3. Online personal training (working with a coach and following same process as you would in person but without the coach being in each session with you)


All of the above are feasible options, however the questions you need to ask yourself should include:

  1. Do I have any injuries or specific focuses that need to be taken into account?

  2. How much help, guidance and accountability do I need?

  3. How much time can I commit and what resources do I have?

For most people I believe following a set program in digital product format isn't going to be the best fit as program design requires individualisation. We are all individuals and our bodies require different exercises to allow us to reach our goals. Furthermore, we will all move differently, requiring personalised corrective exercises to fix muscle asymmetries and weaknesses. Most people will also be of a different training age (level of experience performing physical training in the gym and therefore will need different training methods to get results, with a beginner requiring only simple methodologies to improve physical strength and fitness, whereas someone who has been training for years will require more advanced methods to see results.

The PRO's of Online Coaching

  1. Convenience

- Get all your programming done for you by an expert so you don’t have to waste time banging your head against the wall working out what to do.

- Complete the program when it suits you without having to match up your time to a PT

2. Affordability

- Online personal training can be costly, with only those who are highly serious or earn a lot of money being able to afford it. However, with online personal training it is usually a lot more affordable because it doesn't require the personal trainers time to be with you in the gym for every session.

- Often online personal fitness coaching will have a different variety of options available depending on your budget and the level of guidance and accountability you need.

3. Seeing Results

- Now that everything is online, it’s trackable. Want to know if you’ve ever done that many reps, or benched that heavy of a weight before? If working with a trainer who is using software it is likely they will be able to tell you if you’ve hit a personal best. Even stats like body weight and body fat percentage can be tracked and viewed on a graph over time.

The NEGATIVES of Online Coaching

  1. Lack of instant feedback

- The main negative of online coaching is that you haven't got a professional with you to help you understand how an exercise is supposed to feel and give you cues as well as instant feedback that will allow you to correct technique. For this reason I don't believe online fitness coaching is suitable for those with very little gym experience and lack of prior coaching. Good online coaching programs might counter this by using a hybrid program with initial coaching sessions.

2. Accountability?

- Another possible negative of online coaching is that it might not offer the same level of accountability as in-person coaching where you are actually seeing your trainer throughout the week. However, once again good online coaching programs will maintain contact throughout the week and the program to ensure you are hitting workouts and achieving your goals.


If you are an individual with previous experience in the gym who is looking to build on your knowledge and achieve your peak health and performance then get in contact and we can give more information on our process and how we enable clients to become more athletic for the long-haul. At Higher Level Performance we have crafted our programs through years of experience and are focused on helping clients achieve their goals.

Contact if interested in learning more.

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