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Build Super Strong & Powerful Legs with these 3 Landmine Exercises

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Back squats. Leg Press. Deadlifts! Yes, these are some of the common lifts you would expect most lifters to include in their strength programmes. However, if you are an athlete training for sport, or simply want to challenge your balance and stability a little more then incorporating a wider variety of lower body exercises is important.

One of my favourite tools in the gym is the landmine - essentially a barbell that has one end in an immovable position allowing us to challenge the body in different planes of motion. In this article I have picked 3 great lower body exercises you can do with a landmine that will start to challenge the legs in different ways.

#1 - Landmine Jumps

Landmine jumps are a great way to develop explosive hip extension. The load is going to be fairly low, so you should be able to move at speed.

#2 - Landmine Hack Squat

Hack squats are a great way of building the quads! If your gym doesn't have a hack squat machine, a simple way to perform these exercises is with a landmine. Focus on a nice controlled movement on the way down and then powering out the bottom!

#3 - Landmine Offset Deadlift

This deadlift variation is awesome for challenging your trunk stability to prevent you from over-rotating. Focus on getting good extension at the hip and trying to squeeze the glute as you drive the leg back and up. Keep your shoulders pinned back!

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