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4 Banded Mobility Exercises To Open Up Your Hips

Do you suffer from low back pain? Do you struggle to touch your toes? Do you spend too many hours at a desk?

Don't worry you are not alone, it has been reported that the average worker in the UK spends 8 hours a day at a desk. 8 hours! But it isn't just your average desk worker who needs to improve their hip mobility. Almost every athlete would benefit from improving their hip range of motion too. Having worked with footballers, tennis players and boxers I understand how important it is to be able to utilise hip range of motion to generate force.

Yet most athletes do not spend any time really working on mobility, which can lead to shortening of the muscle fibres and increase the chance of injury occurring. Stop doing your standard hip flexibility exercises and use these four banded versions to take your hip mobility to the next level.

I would advise spending 5-10 minutes daily working on the stretches below in sequence. For example:

Right Side

  • 90 sec banded hamstring stretch

  • 90 sec abductor stetch

  • 90s adductor stretch

  • 90s hip flexor stretch

Then switch to the left side.

#1: Banded Hamstring Stretch

#2: Banded Abductor Stretch

#3: Banded Adduction Stretch

#4: Banded Hip Flexor Stretch

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