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4 Reasons to Hire A Fitness Coach

There are thousands of them available. They keep popping up all over your Facebook and Instagram pages. You might have worked with a #fitnesscoach before, or maybe it is something that will be completely new for you. Why would you hire a fitness coach in the first place?

There are a number of reasons you might invest in a fitness coach to support you, these are the main reasons I have had from clients throughout my time:

  • Lack of knowledge: It is unlikely you have spent years educating yourself on biomechanics, exercise programming, adaptation to exercise and so forth. You are a professional at what you do, and people pay you for that. They know you are good at what you do, and pay you to provide your knowledge and expertise to get a job done fast and with better results. That is exactly why people would work with a fitness coach. Instead of trying to wade through hours of contradictory statements and evidence, a professional can provide you with an action plan that is tailored to you and your needs.

  • Lack of time: True, the client could go and educate themselves on how to perform at their best, but if they are already working a job or at school as a young athlete they will not have the time to do so. By hiring a fitness coach, you will save the time you might spend researching all of the things mentioned above.

  • Accountability: Quite possibly the most common reason for having a fitness coach is that they provide extra accountability. They will be there when you are faltering and feeling demotivated to help you stay on track and not fall off your path completely. Even for the most self-motivated of individuals, having someone who cares about your success and giving you a nudge when you need it can make all the difference.

  • Community: Even when working 1-1 with a client (in-person or online) that coach may often have built a community between their clients. Whilst this may not be an initial reason for working with a coach, it might often be a great addition to their service. We all like to be part of a community of like-minded individuals who want us to succeed. If your coach builds a community, you will have an even bigger support network to share your successes and failures with.

Forget about the fact that I am a fitness coach for a minute. As an individual, I understand that if I want to get a job done efficiently and effectively, it is best to invest in someone who has the expertise. If I am really interested in learning about the ins and outs then I will still hire somebody to get the job done, but I will ask if they can educate me along the way. As a fitness coach, I am a big believer in being a “coach” and not simply an instructor. What do I mean by that?

As a coach, my mission is to educate and empower those I work with. Rather than simply just giving clients the “what” to do, I will provide them with the “why” we are doing a certain exercise or following a specific routine. If you are contemplating working with a fitness coach then it might be the best investment you could make, BUT I have also spoken to friends and clients who have had a bad experience which has put them off working with someone again, and even worse, exercises altogether. Therefore, it is important to select a fitness coach who is a good fit for you, which is exactly what I will be covering in my next article, so stay tuned! PS - If you would like some support working out how to achieve your fitness and performance goals, jump on a free call here:

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