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Use This 10 Minute Full Body Dynamic Warm-Up Routine To Reduce Injuries & Improve Performance

Are you warming up before you train or compete?

Unfortunately, I see so many people in the gym (and bad coaches) skip warming up properly....STOP!

Whether you are preparing for a sport or a session in the gym, taking 5-10 minutes to warm up is time WELL-spent.

Not only are you reducing the likelihood of injury, but you are also improving your movement quality and preparing both mind and body for what is about to come.

Here is a simple warm-up routine you can use before every training session (and it shouldn't even take 10 minutes)

  1. Ankle Drivers - 5 reps in each position for each leg

  2. Inchworm with Spiderman Rotation - 3 reps each side

  3. Knee grab to Lateral Lunge - 5 reps each side

  4. Kneeling Side Lunge to Thread the Needle - 5 reps each side

  5. Quad stretch to lunge & reach - 5 reps each side

  6. Squat & Rotate 2 Hip Push Up - 5 reps


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