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7 Mini Band Exercises That AREN'T For Your Glutes

People are OBSESSED with glute exercises you can do with a resistance band. Since the start of lockdown the mount of videos I have seen on instagram where people are talking about how to work your glutes and different mini-band exercises you can do for your glutes you would think that they are the only muslce in the body. Don't get me wrong our glutes are key muscle groups and important for many reasons. However mini bands can be used for more than just activating your booty!

How do Mini Bands Work?

Resistance bands work similarly to free weights, but there are a few key differences. Like dumbbells, barbells, or any other free weights, resistance bands provide external resistance that your muscles have to work against. When you’re pushing against a resistance band during an exercise, your muscles have to engage to fight the tension.

The biggest difference, though, is that resistance bands do not rely on gravity the way that free weights do. That might sound easier, but what it means is that you’re working against resistance throughout the entire range of an exercise, not just during the portion where you’re moving against gravity. It also means that the amount of resistance will increase as we push or pull against the band creating increased tension.

Mini-bands are a highly effective tool for stimulating a muscle and can be used either to create extra tension and fatigue a muscle or alternatively in a warm up we may use resistance band to activate the muscles prior to our strength/power movements.

What Exercises Can I do with a Mini Band That Aren't For My Glutes?

I have been using mini-bands for many years now as a coach and believe they are a simple and versatile tool that every coach and athlete should have in their kit-bag. If you are ready to learn some alternative mini-band exercises to fire up your core and upper body before your training session, or complete a stand alone sessions with just a mini band then give these 7 exercises a go.

  1. Pull Aparts

  2. Shoulder Vibrations

  3. Single Arm Rows

  4. Bear Crawl Round the Clock

  5. Frontal Raise

  6. Reverse Extension

  7. Push Up

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