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Captain Tom Book Review

  1. Overview

Tomorrow will be a good day is an autobiography of the recent hero Captain Tom’s life. For Captain Tom it was a case of the right man, at the right time, as he took the hearts of our nation with his 100 lap walk of his garden. The book was bought for me as a Christmas present by my Mum (probably because she wanted to read it too). There are very few individuals who live to 100 years old, but this living legend was on of them. The book gives a beautiful personal account of history from someone who had lived through the thick of it. Being born very shortly after the Great War and Spanish flu pandemic and living all the way through to the COVID pandemic of the 21st century, this man has many stories to tell.

The book intertwines Tom’s personal life and history together exceptionally, making you want to read another chapter every night. From growing up in the Yorkshire Dales and developing a love for the outdoors with his dog Billy, his journey from Private to Officer in the British Army during his time spent in India and Burma, the challenging years after the war with a difficult marriage and going from job to job, to the latter stages of his life with his new wife, children and grandchildren. Whilst Tom will always be remembered for shattering the Guiness World Record for biggest individual fundraiser, raising £27 million pounds for his 100 laps of his garden, this book provides a true journey in time and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

5 Facts About The Author

  • Tom was born in Leeds and developed a great love for walking in the Yorkshire Dales

  • Tom broke 2 Guinness World Records with the above mentioned and also being the oldest person to get a number 1 in the charts

  • After a difficult first marriage, Tom finally got the children he wanted from his Second wife Pamela.

Favourite Chapter - Chapter 22

Whilst I enjoyed reading the book throughout, Chapter 2 details the story behind Tom’s rise to celebrity status. The reason I enjoyed the chapter so much was that it shows you what can be achieved through a dream and a little determination. After 98 years of being a highly active individual, Tom was struggling to get about by himself after hip surgery. What started out as a bit of family fun in the garden on a Summer's day, with Tom’s grandson egging him on to do laps in the garden (for £1 per lap), ended up inspiring a 99 year old man and a whole nation to go on and raise a staggering £28 million. One of the main messages of this chapter is that “life is never over until you give up”. Tom was determined not to give up due to his injuries, thus providing a message to the world that age is nothing but a number.

Favourite Quote:

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experience” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Top 5 Learning Points

  1. Keep mind and body active for a long and fulfilling life

  2. Always be optimistic about what tomorrow will bring

  3. Travel brings new perspective on life

  4. Be grateful to those who give their lives to ensure you can live yours

  5. Don’t rush into marriage


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