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End of Year Health & Fitness Review

As a coach and an individual who is constantly striving to improve in all aspects on my life, I believe that self-reflection is extremely important. Taking time out of our busy schedule to review the ups and downs of the year just gone. In this article the focus is on our health and fitness, but you can easily apply the process to other parts of your life too.

We can often get caught up in the moment and forget to look at the months and years. We can forget about great accomplishments and progress we have made. You may have had goals that went by the waste side, possibly because they are no longer important or for other reasons. Completing an end of year review allows you to investigate where you might have gone off track and re-evaluate what is important for the year head.

A couple of important factors to mention for you when completing your review would be:

  • Take your time! Don’t rush, clear some time in your schedule to really think about the questions asked

  • Make a note of your answers. I like to both write out my answers digitally and in good old pen and paper. I have created a downloadable form that you can use to write your at the bottom.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. The idea is to simply re-assess where you may have lost focus and find out the why behind it. Celebrate and smile about the positives in your life.

  • Seek Support: Whilst this is a personal task, it can be useful to reach out to others and gain their insight also. This might include coaches, friends and family members who know you well.

So watch the video first and then you can download the form below to fill in OR if you are a client please fill in the survey here

End of Year Health & Fitness Review Q'Ai
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