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How to Control Anxiety in Sport & Perform At Your Peak

Below is a recording from a webinar Coach Nate recently done on the topics of arousal and anxiety.

In this 60-minute presentation we will be taking a deep dive into stress, arousal, and how to control your mind to perform at your peak.

Unfortunately, the inability to control arousal levels effectively can cause many great athletes to choke and not perform to the best of their ability. To win both in sports and in life, we need to be able to manage our emotions effectively and get ourselves into the right physiological and psychological state to perform the way we want to.

In the workshop we will cover:

  • - What separates elite performers from good performers

  • - What is stress and what are the different types

  • - Arousal: Different theories of arousal

  • - Symptoms of arousal and anxiety

  • - Strategies to manage arousal effectively

Do you want help improving your performance? Whether you want support with developing:

- A champion mindset

- Improved nutrition strategies

- A body that can move and perform

Fill out the questionnaire below and I will be in touch to see how I can help:

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