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How to do the Bear Crawl Like a Boss!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The bear crawl is a fantastic full body exercise that can be used to develop a blend of strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Level - 2 (Intermediate)

Muscles Used - Shoulders, Trunk (Core) & Glutes

Equipment - Bodyweight Only

Why Use This Exercise?

  1. To build strength and stability at the shoulder and hip

  2. Develop core stability and control which transfers to sporting movements

  3. Great for bodyweight conditioning with minimal equipment

When Use This Exercise?

  1. Great to use in a warm up as a full body primer exercise (don't do it to fatigue)

  2. In a circuit workout

  3. As a finisher at the end of your workout/training session (can do it to fatigue)

Common Errors

  1. Letting the shoulder blades collapse

  2. Not having a flat back

  3. Focusing on speed rather than control

Beginner Version (Bear Crawl Hold - Static) - Video Tutorial

Progression 1 - Bear Crawl Forward/Back

Progression 2 - Lateral Bear Crawl

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