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The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Another jumper? The latest PlayStation game? A giant box of chocolates? Whilst these might all make great Christmas presents to different people, they are not the ultimate Christmas present. The ultimate Christmas present brings long-lasting happiness. The ultimate Christmas present lasts way beyond Christmas day. It could just be life-changing! Your loved one might not fully appreciate the Christmas present straight away, but further down the line they will look back and thankyou for the most useful present you ever delivered. So…………what is it then?

It is the gift of life. The gift of health, happiness, and strength. Investing in health and fitness coaching for your loved one might just be the best thing being a professional one day; I can guarantee you working with a speed coach will make a bigger difference than that £150 of plastic football boots. Or maybe, it is your parent who has just recently retired. You have noticed that over the last 10 years their health has continued to decline and you cannot remember the last time you saw them exercise. Instead of buying them that tin of shortbread biscuits that brings instant joy but takes away from their long-term goal of losing weight, living longer and not suffering from health related injuries and diseases, why not get them a coach who will help them on their journey.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where spending money on materialistic objects is often seen as a priority before investing in our personal development and health. When was the last time you spent money on learning about your health and fitness? When was the last time you spent money on educating yourself on a topic you are interested in? If it w0as recently, then you are most likely in the minority. We all want to be better in our heads, but how often do we act and invest in time and resources to becoming the individual we want to be? Although we would all like to see what we are capable of physically, we all like the thought of being able to run faster and lift more, we aren’t always ready to take that most challenging first step towards our better future.

As a coach myself I know there can be many reasons holding someone back from reaching their fitness or sporting goals. It could be lack of knowledge about what exercise to do, habits to implement or food to eat. It might be lack of purpose and motivation. It could just be that they lack accountability and need someone in their corner. Often, it just needs the support of someone to get the ball rolling, once the ball is rolling the possibilities are endless.

Over the course of 2020 I have helped people of all different ages and backgrounds to think, feel and move better. From working with 10-16-year-old athletes, helping them get faster and stay injury free, to supporting my Dad & Aunty to completely transform the way they eat and live day to day. As a coach I see it as my responsibility to show every individual I work with what they are capable of achieving. I believe that every single one of us has an inner athlete, every single one of us has the right to be healthy and pain free.

Whether or not you decide to invest in the ultimate gift this Christmas, just ask yourself the question: “Am I actually providing a gift of long-term value?” I understand that not everyone can afford 1-1 coaching, however at Higher Level Performance we aim to provide a variety of coaching programmes and courses so that there is something for everyone!


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