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Lower Body Kettlebell Killer Ladder Workout

Put your lower body to the test with this simple kettlebell workout!

This is a super simple workout, but guaranteed to get the legs on fire (as well as the lungs). A great finisher you can add to the end of a session. There are only two exercises to do:

1. Deadlift to Goblet Squat

2. Suitcase Lunge

The goal is to get through 5 Rounds as fast as possible, decreasing the number of repetitions in each.

General Idea of Weights to Use

Males - 20kg (scale lighter if you can't get through first round without struggling)

Females - 14kg (same as above)

Round 1 - Goblet Squat = 20 reps Suitcase Lunge = 10 reps each leg

Round 2 - 16 reps 8 reps each leg

Round 3 - 12 reps 6 reps each leg

Round 4 - 8 reps 4 reps each leg

Round 5 - 4 reps 2 reps each leg


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