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Master the Plank & its Progressions

The plank is one of the most commonly known and used exercises for developing "core strength".

Whilst I like the plank as a core exercise, as with all exercises it is important we know how to progress it when it becomes easy. I see too many people in the gym doing the same standard plank they have been doing for years!

As with everything in the gym (and life), if we want to get better and continue to create adaptation, we must gradually introduce greater stimulus to withstand. Before you progress however, learn to hold a plank properly. Unfortunately too many people are not getting the benefits of planking as they are doing it correctly. Planking isn't just an opportunity to rest and chill out and the end of a session.

If you are planking properly you should be isometrically contracting the muscles of the body to create as much tension as possible. I like to use the analogy of comparing yourself to a stone wall - if someone tried to push you over you should be rock solid and immovable.

Once you can comfortably hold a standard plank for a minute it is time to start adding in some of these progressions, I hope you enjoy the video!

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